Awards this Site is Honored to Receive

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We sincerely thank the following for their opinions of the contents and design of Nathan's Pages.

You have a beautiful site....-Lorraine

I've been visiting your son Nathan's site and wanted to offer you my son Jonathan's site award. -Mike and Sonya Pace

I think your site is beautiful and I am very sorry for the loss that you have endured -Sierra
I would like to give you this award for your beautiful and touching website! I am sure that your baby is in Heaven with Jesus! Until you and he meet again someday! Love Stephanie Thank you for your lovely e-mail and your congrats on my angel on earth, Bradley
Please accept these awards and gift from me to you. -Lots of Love, Nicki I hope many happy days are ahead of us now although I will never foget my 3 Angels in heaven
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son Nathan Paris. May God Bless you and your family during your times of need. I wanted to give you my 'Appreciation Award' for your son Nathan's Site. Sincerely with Hugs, Lori Clifford
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Danny's Award for Nathan's site - And very much deserved!---God bless, Lee Ann, Danny's momma Please accept this award for Nathan's site. Love, Azariah

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