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Dear Cindy and Jeff; Patrick, Dennis and Elizabeth ~

I was stunned to hear of your tragedy.  We take for granted these days that certain things will go all right.

My deepest sadness is for Cindy, because I too have carried children for nine long months.  Full of expectation, eager to have the birthing over with.  I empathize with the emptiness you must now be feeling.

I do not intend to dwell on dragging you through this pain again, but must tell you that we are all saddened and disappointed that sweet little Nathan Elliot's life which had been so full of promise such a short while before ended so abruptly.

It is bitter-sweet that you were able to hold him, have him for a little while.  Each one of you feels this trouble deeply.  If I could magically find some comforting word for each one it would also be gift for myself as well.  Unfortunately, yours is a very heartfelt loss we just can't understand. 

Please know we send our love with this note along with sincere wishes that your blessings will find a way to come to the front of your lives again.  You have a dear little ambassador in a place where we all will be eventually.


Audrey and David

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