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Grandma and Grandpa Balota

Grandad   Grandma
It's difficult to understand when something like this happens.  That Friday night when Nathan was removed from life support everyone thought he was going to die immediately.   There seemed to be a guardian Angel hovering over Nathan.  For 2 -3 hours we had prime time with Nathan.  He lit up like a light bulb - opened his eyes and seemed to look at each one of us as we held him.  He took his last breath as Cindy held him closely.   He seemed to feel the love in the room.

We don't understand why the Lord would take one of our grandchildren and allow our daughter and her family to hurt so badly.  As parents we want to protect our children - but we can't take this pain away and we all hurt so badly.  Please Lord - be gentle with our little Nathan! 

Looking Into Nathans Eyes
"He Looked Deeply Into Our Eyes
As Though He Were Taking Our Faces With Him Into Eternity"

~Photo and Quote by Grandma Balota

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