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Nathan Elliot Walling
Little Nathan Elliot Walling was named in utereo specifically after our angel. He was born on 2 Feb 2002 to Sharlea Walling who found these pages while she was expecting.  What a heavenly gift from a perfect stranger!


Nathan Riley Gaghagen
This little Nate was born 4 August 2003 to the International Vasa Previa Foundation's Co-Founder, Amy Brown Gaghagen and her husband Mike. He was named in remembrance of our precious Nate.


Natalie Hope Macadar
Angel on Earth. Born 6 November 2003 to Victoria Goldstein and Eduardo Macadar. Named in honour of Nathan.



Nathan Matthew McDermott
Nathan was born 5 May 2004 and is the first grandchild of my oldest friend, Kim McDermott. This little Nathan was named in honour of our Nate.



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