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Dear Cindy and Jeff~

Thank you so much for the birth announcement of Nathan, and for the beautiful family picture.  How precious that Nathan's eyes were open for us to see.  Although we didn't see him or hold him, he will always be real in our family.  You made him so real to us through the beautiful memorial service and allowing us to share in your hurt.  The minister's words brought me a picture of Nathan being given by his loving parents into the arms of Jesus ~ and I was so touched by Jeff's efforts to console both you, Cindy, and Dennis ~ and by grown up Patrick being the family's "ambassador" mingling with the guests, shaking hands.

Our thoughts and our prayers are with you at this sad season of your life ~ there's little we can do to help ~ but we wanted to "reach out and touch you" with Love,

~From Great Grandma and Grandpa Peters

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